A new step in India’s zero emission journey

In 2014 the total installed Solar Power capacity of India was just about 2.16 GW. It was clearly evident that we were not taking significant steps to promote renewable energy resources in our country. But then for our surprise the change of government in the country also led to change in intent of making India a powerhouse of renewable energy. The newly elected government decided to increase our solar capacity to 20 GW till the year 2022, which later was achieved 4 years early from the target in 2018. New targets were decided and then it was aimed to increase total renewable capacity of India to 175 GW by the year 2022, which included 100 GW from solar, 60 GW from wind & 10 GW from bio power & 5GW from small hydro power. India also took initiative of successful international missions like the International Solar Alliance.

The Rann of Kutch

Today the total installed solar energy capacity of the country is estimated to be about 36GW. But recently what took everyone by surprise was inauguration of 30GW, world’s largest hybrid renewable energy park in Kutch, Gujarat, by the prime minister of India. The hybrid renewable energy park will be spread over 72,600 hectares and will have dedicated zones for wind and solar energy storage as well as an exclusive zone for wind park activities. According to Gujarat government the project is estimated to bring investments of worth more than Rs 1, 25,000 crore. The solar and wind farms will be set by different companies including NTPC, Adani green energy Ltd, etc.

This project will not only provide electricity to our country but will also establish us as a world leader in the league of countries which are trying to fight the climate change. This project will be a significant step in our journey to become a zero emission country. This also shows that our government is serious for reducing our carbon emission and making us a hundred percent zero carbon footprint country. Steps like this are indication that we are aware of our bad deeds towards our mother nature and trying to compensate for it.

It is sure that we have to increase our speed to catch up the ambitious target of setting up 450 GW of renewable energy by the year 2030. But we are confident that we will make it happen together and apart from government level we will contribute towards the noble target at our level by shifting our energy source to rooftop solar.




I write on topics that affect me. I Follow Science, Technology & Nature related activities.

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Aditya Ray

Aditya Ray

I write on topics that affect me. I Follow Science, Technology & Nature related activities.

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