The Disruptions Caused By The Human Order In Our Living System

Aditya Ray
4 min readJan 28, 2021

What does coexistence mean? Does it mean living of several groups or people or species at one place or do it have some other larger meaning? Are we understanding the term coexistence properly?

Our environment or our planet or even our whole universe can be classified into four categories or four orders namely -

1.MATERIAL ORDER- Visualize Mountains, plains, rivers, oceans, lakes etc. The come under the material order.

2.PLANT ORDER-The trees in the large forests or in your backyard which give you oxygen, the plants which we grow in pots all come under the plant order.

3.ANIMAL ORDER-All the animals you see around you like, the lovely squirrels on the trees, dangerous lions in the forests or awkward looking insects or the fishes in the water bodies, the birds flying in the sky, they all are part of the animal order.

4.HUMAN ORDER- We the human beings come under the human order.

These four orders are interdependent on each other or we can say that the first three orders are interdependent on each other and the human order is dependent on the other three orders.

For a smooth functioning of our living systems all the four orders should be organized and be in sync with each other. Now let us understand this by a example. You may have heard about a fish named barbel and the famous animals called Hippopotamus. These two living species are very important to each other. In fact, survival of one of them ensures survival of the other. Barbel fish eats the parasites and insects on the body of hippo and save them from various health implications. In turn they get to make their stomach full without any great effort. In this way they are in sync with each other and help each other for their survival. In the same way the 4 orders need to coexist with each other.

Now the Material order, plant order and animal order are all organized and are in sync with each other. But human order is not only disorganized in itself but it is also disrupting the other three orders. We will understand it in the next few paragraphs.

Assume that there were no rivers in the world. Can you even think of a human existence in this case? Absolutely not. Therefore, we should be grateful toward the mother nature. But what we are doing in return, making the atmosphere toxic and releasing chemicals to the rivers. We have assumed a control over the nature and surely we will see the consequences.

We are destroying the plant order by cutting trees blindly for our material needs. We have to understand that these trees are very necessary for our own existence. They provide us with oxygen to inhale and also works a sink for the excess carbon dioxide released in the air by factories and vehicles.

By degrading plant order, we are also snatching the habitats of various animals and thus harming the animal order. We release plastics in the oceans killing infinite fishes and water animals. Released fishing nets work as deathtraps for Whales and sharks. We also have a history of killing animals for our enjoyment. We have led to extinction of various animal species and have pushed many to the verge of extinction. Tigers and Rhinoceros are well known examples.

Now we are doing everything for luxury and convenience, cutting trees polluting rivers, killing animals etc. So, we should be living a happy life right? No not really. Let’s see what we are doing with ourselves. We are engaged in a conflict among us on various issues. we fight with each other in name of religion, region, language, money, wealth etc. But at the end we ourselves are not living in peace. In one sentence we are cutting the branch of the tree on which we are sitting.

To conclude I will say that we must understand that the whole universe is our family and we need to take care of it as we do for our own family.



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